Hidden power settings on your Windows 8.1 tablet or PC

Today, we will be looking at enabling some hidden power settings on your Windows 8.1 tablet or PC. Since I modified these settings I noticed a dramatic increase in battery life, especially while in stand-by. Let’s get started.

This exact instructions should work on every Intel Baytrail based Windows 8.1 tablet. I tried them out on Toshiba Encore WT8.

First, this is how you get to Advanced power settings on your Windows 8.1 tablet or PC.


If you go through options you’ll find many power options for setting up, but there are more that can be enabled by modifying the registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Power\PowerSettings\

If you expand this directory you’ll see that it is filled with many other directories. However their names are coded GUIDs so you’ll need to find what you need. Here are only some:

Procesor power management:


Wireless LAN management:


Intel HD GPU management:


Now that we know where is what, we need to enable some options. So this is how to do that:

Next time you open your advanced power settings, you will see the new option. You can repeat this process for all options you want enabled.

If you want do hide some options just set it’s “Attributes” to 1.

But what about all the other keys, you might ask. To find out what GUID represents what you can do following.

Enable Maximum Power Saving Wireless mode on Toshiba Encore WT8 #

You should see massive increase in idle standby battery life.


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