Fedora on non-rooted Android phones - 2016 another update!

After much trial and error and fighting with permissions, I’ve managed to create a much more simpler way of getting a Fedora 23 chroot running on a non-rooted Android phone. So here it goes:


SHA256: cac8137c15e2bd3321be120ee658efab5aeccaa62494455e2ca90936982844e3
File size: 290,476,814 bytes

This is only for ARM processors, sorry, if you need other architecture, please use the tutorial.

adb push [path to downloaded file] /sdcard/Android/obb/champion.gnuroot.fedora/main.3.champion.gnuroot.fedora.obb

That’s it! :)

If you want you can install LXDE with:

dnf groupinstall "LXDE Desktop"

and use the X server app by pelya from the Play Store to use it! This image already has mine .bashrc file which means you can run lxde with a simple startlxde! :)

I will try to update this with new Fedora releases. Just ping me if I forget.

Have a nice day!

PS. My last blog post is my most read one. I guess Fedora Planet is much bigger than I imagined! :) Thanks everyone.


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