Fedora 37 Release Party Novi Sad


Another great Fedora release and another great Fedora Release Party! :)

After a (sadly) long break, we are back. University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences was once again home for a day for all Fedora, Linux and FOSS enthusiasts. Since our last Release Party for Fedora 31 in December 2019 a lot has changed, but our message and drive did not. We are still striving to build a strong community around Fedora!

In total, we had five awesome talks. After the welcome, I was first to present what is new about Fedora 37 and what has changed since our last meet. We had a lot of new faces so a short introduction to Fedora was also in order. :)

The second talk was given by our Faculty colleague Dusan Simic, and the talk was about Toolbox and how it can be used for isolated clean development environments. A very useful talk for our students, for sure.

For the third talk we discussed about Internet privacy and security, a very important topic. Doni Pracner introduced us to internet fingerprinting and how we are all vulnerable to involuntary identification through third-party cookies.

After a short coffee and snacks break, we continued with a deep dive into debugging with Erlang/Elixir with the help of our friend Igor Sarcevic. Igor provided us with some real-world examples and anecdotes about large scale system debugging and how to build extremely scalable and reliable systems, such as SemaphoreCI on which he is working.

Finally, a fellow Fedora Ambassador Momcilo Medic (FedoraUser) gave a fantastic talk about setting up a low-cost home lab, an environment where we can easily experiment with all kinds of software in a safe way. A good alternative to paid cloud solutions and a way to keep all our data our own.

To conclude, another great event is behind us and I hope we continue to grow our community through Fedora!

Make sure to check out the event homepage for slides and other materials from the event.

Hope to see you soon on one of our next Fedora Release Parties in Novi Sad! :)





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