Fedora 29 Release Party Novi Sad


We are back!

After missing Fedora 28 Release Party :( we are back stronger than ever!

Fedora 29 Release Party was held at University of Novi Sad in Serbia like our previous events. Around 50 Fedorians were presents, and I am happy to report that I saw a lot of new faces.

We had four talks:

  1. What is new in Fedora 29
  2. How to work with keys, encryption and 2FA
  3. What are kubernetes and how do you use them
  4. What is BIOS, what is UEFI and how does it all work

Of course a Fedora quiz was in place with many Fedora awards! :)





I hope that we can continue this tradition of making release parties in Novi Sad. See you at Fedora 30 Release Party when this cold weather passes! :)


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